Best Marble Tile and Where It Comes From

Marble is one of the most highly-priced stones in the construction world. Its earthly look, environmental friendliness, and natural beauty make it the perfect construction material for adorning indoor and outdoor spaces. Architects, designers, and sculptors have considered marble as their stone of choice in human civilization history. Marble is famous for its glimmering appearance and ability to make spaces appear aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Now the million-dollar question is, “where does the best marble tile come from in the world?”

Top Producers of Marble Tile

Countries known for producing high quantities of marble include:

  • Greece
  • United States of America
  • India
  • Spain
  • Romania
  • China
  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Italy

Out of these top-producing countries, Italy is considered the primary source of the most luxurious and high-grade marble in the world. Italy is home to the most famous marble although Turkey leads in the production by volume. So, what makes Italian marble stand out from the rest?

Reasons Why Italian Marble Tile is Popular


Historically, Italian marble is considered a heritage like no other. The stone was popular with artists of the Renaissance period such as Donatello and Michelangelo. Marble, especially the Calacatta and Statuario types was used to make the world’s finest and most iconic works of art. Thus, Italian marble is reputed for its ability to stand the test of time.


The superiority of Italian marble is tied to the Italian people’s stoneworking heritage. Italians were pioneers in perfecting marble quarrying methods during ancient times. Some of their quarrying techniques are in use today. Besides, the Italians are considered great purveyors of marble quality. As such, they set the pace in quality control when it comes to the quarrying, cutting, and carving of this natural stone.

Stone Quality

In the natural stone world, Italian marble comes out as peerless in terms of purity, beauty, and durability. Often, this stone is associated with elegance, luxury, and sophistication. That is why it is regarded as a symbol of status for commercial and residential buildings worldwide.

Best Italian Marble

Marble comes in different types. Its appearance varies from one location to another. Plus, its general structure changes based on elements, impurities, and the general environment. Its different types depend entirely on the veining and color intensity. For that reason, the price of each type of marble stone varies drastically depending on the factors mentioned above. Below are the most famous and sought-after Italian marble types for homeowners around the world:

Calacatta Marble

Calacatta is the most luxurious type of Italian marble thanks to its rarity. This Italian stone is constantly mistaken for Carrara marble because of the striking similarities in veining and color. The distinct differences between these two Italian marbles include bright white and dark thick veining patterns for Calacatta. On the other hand, Carrara has intricate gray and white veining. Calacatta marble is usually found in the form of pavers, slabs, and tiles. You can easily pair this stone with any type of color combination. Examples of Calacata marble are Calacatta gold marble, Calaatta Michelangelo marble, and Calacatta Borghini marble.

Carrara Marble

Unlike Calacatta marble, Carrara marble is the most common Italian marble type. It is less expensive compared to the rare Calacatta marble. This Italian marble is usually characterized by its grayish-white background featuring fine feather gray veining. Its pattern is linear and soft in appearance. Most homeowners and builders prefer using Carrara marble because it is budget-friendly. In addition, its whitish appearance makes the living space look larger and livelier.

Statuario Marble

Statuario marble is quarried in the Italian Carrara region just like the Carrara and Calacatta marble. This Italian marble features bright white background complete with a thin to thick gray bold veining partners. These striking features give it a greater contrast with less color variation. Statuario marble is similarly valued to Calacatta marble due to its rarity and high demand.

Final Thought

Italian marble type is highly-priced thanks to its history, heritage, and quality. So if you are a homeowner, luxury builder, interior designer, architect, or end-user, make sure to purchase authentic Italian marble for your project.