The first noticeable difference is the lack of pitting and our signature foot-friendly texture. Our slip-resistant is tested to be 2 times greater than travertine’s leather finish and other marbles. the 4 mm bevel creates an ultra-clean and modern look much different from the tumbled or chiseled edges of other stone pavers.

Yes up to 48 in by 48 in and custom plank sizes like eight in by 24 in. Price will be determined by the size and thickness required.

Yes, the interior stone will be honed .75 in thick depending on size.

Yes, the driveway material starts at 1.57 in for a 6 in x 12 in peace with larger sizes available. The thickness will increase as the size increases. The garage floor material will be similar to the driveway stone only it will be honed.

Yes, we carry a full line of coping from 1.25 in to 2.5 in thick and lengths up to 48 in this can be ordered in either a traditional round bullnose or our Square profile. We also produce two sizes of remodel coping 2.75 in or 4 inside drop this is milled out of a solid block of stone not glued together. Split face wall cladding and marble water bowls are available.

The density of this Limestone makes it very difficult to stain wine mud etc. cleans off with outdoor bleach resistance once it is sealed it is the most stain-resistant Natural Stone available.
Yes, the standard material is vain cut 50% and the rest is cross-cut it is possible to order custom-cut marble to your liking.

our limestone is considered ultra-premium and has absolutely no pitting or holes.

yes it comes in a variety of custom sizes and is also honed