Luxury Pools- The 4 Best Types of Natural Stone Pavers

The choice of natural stone pavers for your swimming pool surrounding can bring out your taste, preference, and status. In this regard, your chosen swimming pool design does not matter in any way.

Factors to consider when choosing natural stone pavers include durability, appearance, and non-slip finish. Environmental factors such as weather conditions, climatic conditions, and the sealant are also worth taking into consideration. How about the types of natural stone pavers for your luxury pool? Read on to find out the type of stones you need to bring out the best in your outdoor swimming pool.

Types of Natural Stone Pavers

Several options of stone pavers are available today. Each has its own unique features, form, and structure that make it unique yet practical for paving pool surroundings.

The most preferred ones are:

  • Marble stone pavers
  • Granite stone pavers
  • Bluestone pavers
  • Limestone Pavers

Marble Stone Pavers

Marble stone pavers are usually light-colored stones that are hand-selected to complete the appearance of your pool design. This type of natural stone paver is ideal for replicating the beauty of nature around your luxury swimming pool. Marble stone pavers come with many advantages that aim at giving your pool the aesthetic value it deserves.

These stones are also environmentally-friendly, hard-wearing, and less absorbent of heat. This means that marble natural stone pavers are a perfect choice to withstand harsh, hot sunny days. Most likely, marble stones will give a cool welcome to your feet regardless of the surrounding hot temperatures in summer.

Granite Stone Pavers

The unique thing about granite stone pavers for a luxury swimming pool is their flamed finish and non-slip features. Granite provides great settings for pools thanks to its elegance and popularity in contemporary architecture. Unlike other types of stones found naturally, granite stands out as the densest stone, making it a popular choice for a swimming pool paver.

Besides, its speckled finish and texture,  it is an ideal pool paver since it can hide stains perfectly. Its low porous rating allows you to easily clean it by hosing it down to remove stains. Most significantly, granite repels water, leaving the pool area less slippery and safer. If you are planning to create a swimming pool surrounding to resemble a timeless and durable natural oasis, then granite should be your ultimate choice.

Bluestone Pavers

Commonly referred to as basalt, the bluestone paver is a dense and hard-wearing paving stone for luxury swimming pools. Bluestone is also a practical paving option for pools due to its salt-resistant ability. It is also durable and comes in various shapes and styles that range from cobblestones to tiles. For that reason, the bluestone paver is a versatile stone for your garden and home, not to mention the pool surrounding.

Limestone Pavers

Paramount’s stone is considered luxurious limestone and natural marble. One thing that makes it a must-have paver around your pool area is that it does not get very slippery when wet. Unlike travertine, Paramount Stoneworks’ signature foot-friendly texture ensures almost twice the slip-resistance of other natural stone pavers, even stone that has been textured. Plus, it is more durable and requires less maintenance than most natural stone pavers for pools. This type of stone can also retain its shape in any weather conditions in addition to withstanding heavy foot traffic. Limestone comes in earthly coloring that blends naturally with the outdoor environment. Additionally, it is available in different attractive colors and textures.

Final Thought

Building a luxury swimming pool is a lifetime investment for your family and home in general. Therefore, it is wise to choose the right natural stone paver that can provide the much-needed aesthetic, longevity, and durability that fit your lifestyle. Besides, your selection of stone pavers should give you value for your money both on a short-term and long-term basis. For more inquiries about premium natural stone pavers for luxury pools, contact Paramount Stoneworks today to schedule your appointment.