About Paramount Stoneworks

Paramount Stoneworks is an independent, American owned and operated natural stone distributor dedicated to providing the highest quality and most unique products on the market. All of our stone is hand selected to ensure that Paramount Stoneworks sets the new standard for natural stone pavers. Our hands on stone artisans have combined their old­ world techniques with modern automation, which allows us to offer these meticulously crafted products. Nothing is quite as impressive or speaks sophistication and luxury like granite pavers.

We pride ourselves in being the finer alternative to brick and travertine pavers. Granite is esteemed not only for its natural beauty, but for its durability, longevity and performance.

Beautiful. Timeless. Functional.

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Featured: Personalized Fire Pits

Not just beautiful, but extremely durable as well! Our 100% Recycled Granite Fire pits are a breathtaking, permanent addition to your home.

In the past, over 25% of a slab of granite from countertop manufacturing has been thrown into US landfills. Paramount Stoneworks recycles waste from granite countertop companies throughout the state of Florida and brings it to our production facility in Daytona Beach.

Using our patented process, the granite is die-cut into 100% Recycled Fire Pits. The by-product is then crushed into aggregate for roadbeds. Our process creates a beautiful, unique product with zero waste. Other fire pits pale in comparison to the unique beauty and durability of a Paramount Stoneworks Granite Fire Pit. Our Fire Pit is a permanent addition to your home and will last a lifetime. Unlike man-made fire pits, no two Granite Fire Pits are identical.

Learn more about Granite Fire Pits here.

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